Wednesday, May 17, 2017

3:30 AM

          A few months, Kat and I decided to start a blog together. This is not the first time we’ve blogged together, but I do hope it is the time that we stick to it. Why do we choose to write? Blog? I don’t know, but in my desire to understand the present, we gain a better understanding of the past and the times to come. However, in our pursuit of the eternal, we gain wisdom beyond compare and measure. Priceless. We write and post here because we are but agents of the Divine seeking to understand the present through the scope of the eternal. We seek to understand the Kingdom through the outlook of the Priestly King.

          Looking for saints and finding sinners is an idea that came to Kat and me during one of our many conversations. It refers to the reality that as Christians, and by extension as humans, we are constantly seeking better community. Feel free to define better as you wish. From the moment we join the rest of society, in either pre-school or grade school, we seek community. We seek others to become “we” and “us.” We seek to be understood and to understand. We seek others but not just any others, but those who are willing to self-less to the extent of accepting us, cherishing us, enjoying us, valuing us. Humans are social beings, much like God the Father has community with the Son and the Spirit. The Creator made the Created to exist in community.

          Kat and I had a conversation in which we discussed the Christian’s constant pursuit for community. As saints, we seek to join a church, to join Bible Studies and small groups, to be part of a community of fellow believers. This is an easy journey for some, but it can be a very difficult and brutal journey for others. Some Christians find their community, ideally through a church,  almost spontaneously. Other believers may journey for years before finding a group to call home. Some of us find that “core community” among fellow believers, while others find it among unbelievers. We may at times go through phases and we may go into greater detail of these phases later. And yet, we seek community. We seek to belong. We seek others.

          One of our conclusions was that as the Christian is in constant pursuit of community, in our minds we may seek a “purer,” “more mature,” or even “more Christian” community. We spend our whole lives looking for saints, and yet, we end up finding sinners. Christian community, in its most basic sense, is made up of saints, rescued by the grace of God, but made up of saints who sin. We are looking for saints and finding sinners. We look for the holy seeking a more perfect understanding others in other to be better understood. And yet, we fall short, because even though the holy is in us and works through us, we are still in the journey of further sanctification.

          If I were to assign this blog any purpose, it is to better understand the pursuit and finding of, the departure from, the desire for, and the victories and failures of Christian community. Let me be more specific: to better understand Christian community in our present context, through the outlook of the eternal. Nothing that we write and post in this blog is as important as the value of Scripture. Hopefully, we will post content that is a blessing to you, but nothing is more important the Holy Word. I echo Kat and I’s feelings in sharing that if reading this blog takes time away from reading the Scriptures, then go read the Scriptures.

          May you be blessed in your pursuit of community.

One thought on “Looking for Saints and Finding Sinners

  1. This is fantastic, and so true about the struggle for community we as Christians have. It’s so hard to at times be 100% genuine as a Christian and be transparent about your own son without fear of judgement from your own community. Love what you’ve started here and can’t wait to read more and follow along on this journey.

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